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Richard is a licensed Virginia general contractor.  He has been in the trades for nearly 30 years and is the owner of DIY Academy LLC and The Grout Genie LLC. 

As a younger man, Richard initially started as an apprentice in construction where he received on-the-job training on how to do various build-outs for home construction. Later, he started working in the sign industry where he utilized his construction knowledge and worked on building cabinetry and displays for various companies and museums located throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.  


Richard advanced in his career and eventually stepped out on his own and became a licensed general contractor for his own company called Nova Pros LLC.  While Nova Pros was a very successful general contracting business that provided services for various home projects such as paint, drywall, remodeling and more - the majority of contracted projects were for tile remodeling.  He decided to become highly specialized in only tile and grout restoration and remodeling and started The Grout Genie LLC. 


The Grout Genie is Northern Virginia's leading tile and grout restoration and remodeling company receiving praise from many satisfied customers.  Richard has continued his education and training on all of the latest materials, methods and practices such as waterproofing, grouts, thinsets and all components related to working with natural stones, porcelain, ceramic and glass tiles that meet with today's standards.  Additionally, he is licensed with a specialty designation in Tile, Marble and Terrazzo. 


Over the years, Richard had found two issues that constantly arose when speaking with his customers.

1.  For minor repairs they wish they knew how to do it themselves, so that they could maintain their homes properly and save money for smaller, less complex projects without having to hire a contractor.

2.  They wish that they had a better understanding of repair projects so that when dealing with contractors they would be more knowledgeable and could ensure that their projects were being done properly.

That is how DIY Academy came to fruition.  Richard's idea was to implement workshops where he could teach people how to do repair and minor remodeling projects by a licensed professional so that the average homeowner could feel comfortable tackling their own projects or have background knowledge should they hire someone.


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